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WILDLIFE Photography workshops in THe UK

We are very lucky to have so much wildlife here on our doorstep providing us with numerous photographic opportunities!
Join me for a fun-filled and action-packed wildlife photography day!
All workshops are suitable for beginners, hobbyists and enthusiasts.
I'll make sure you walk away with a set of GREAT images, worthy of hanging on your living-room wall!

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Lyndsey Paja

"I was very inexperienced, but 
a day spent with Rachel taught me so much. Rachel taught me how to use the settings on my camera so I could switch off auto and have much more control over focus, light, framing and much more. I wish I had done this years ago!

Rachel is a fabulous and very patient teacher... I seriously can’t recommend Rachel enough - she has really given me a newfound enthusiasm and much more confidence to try different things. Thanks for an excellent day and I’m so happy with the images I captured that day and the ones I’ve taken since"


Lorraine O'Leary

"My husband bought this present for me...

What a great day - Rachel made me feel at ease and was extremely knowledgeable. I enjoyed the day immensely and would certainly recommend Rachel to anyone who is interested in photography. What a lovely lady - can't thank her enough. Looking forward to meeting up with her again in the new year."


Joe Field

"Rachel's very good at teaching you the principles of photography, and in applying those principles to practical situations. I went into the workshop with a pretty good understanding of how a camera works and how to take a decent photo, and I still learned loads. I would definitely recommend booking on one of Rachel's workshops if you're a total beginner, or if you want to take your photography skills to the next level."


Pul Watt

"I found Rachel really helpful and easy to get along with. She tailored the workshop around my abilities and gave me loads of useful tips. I'm more than happy to recommend her."


Bill Jameson

"My daughter and I had a workshop training session with Rachel. She was very thorough and we had a great time learning about using our cameras away from the basic settings and introducing the use of more advanced functions."


Esther Whitmore

"I decided I needed to take photography lessons to learn more about my camera and I have to say Rachel has been amazing. Rachel explains everything so well and is very patient. I have just changed my camera so will be heading back for some more lessons. If you are thinking about having lessons, I would say book in now!"


Zienka Domaca

"It was a pleasure to spend the whole day with Rachel. She gave me some very useful tips and I understand my camera much better now. She also provided links to equipment I need and a word document with basic explanations of how the camera works."


Davis Kiima

"A great photography teacher. I thought Rachel was passionate and great at giving a bite-size workshop to enhance learning. I particularly enjoyed the practical tasks and understanding composition."


Charles MacDonald

"I took the 'getting off auto' workshop with Rachel and had a great day. The workshop really helped me learn how to take photos, both the 'theory' behind it as well as giving me a lot of practical opportunities to shoot in different scenarios. It was very informative and fun."


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