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take better phone camera photos

We all use our camera phone even if we have a proper camera. If you are like my husband Keith, then you only use a camera phone! But what really makes the difference, why is it that some people’s camera phone photos look way better than others!?

Here are 5 tips to help you take awesome camera phone photos:

1. Think First Take a few moments to just think about what you are taking a photograph of. What would you like the photograph to look like? Is it a good and interesting composition or would it be better from a different angle, perhaps even getting on the ground? Is there anything distracting in the background?

Try This: Before taking the photo, take 10 seconds to look at the scene and check everything looks right. If it does, go for it. If it doesn’t, move to a better place or perhaps just don’t bother taking it and find something more interesting.

2. Good Light The camera on your phone has many limitations but it will perform better if it has lots of light to work with. Good light makes all the difference between a bland photo and a great photo. To get sharper, less blurry pictures go somewhere with good, natural light (from the sun). You don’t necessarily have to go outside! Turn off that nasty flash and move closer to a window or an open door. If taking a photograph of a person, avoid direct light on faces. This kind of light causes harsh shadows and squinting. If possible, look for open shade along the side of a building or under a tree.

Try This: Put the sun both in front of and behind your subject and compare the two images to see what a difference the right lighting can make to an image.

3. Stand Still & Use Both Hands If you would like to make your images as sharp as possible, use both hands to hold your camera and press your elbows lightly into your torso. This will give you greater stability and help you get a straight image. Tap your screen where you want the main focus to be so your camera locks focus. Adjust the exposure if you need to, and then you are good to go!

Try This: On many smartphones, you can set the volume + button on the side of the phone to release the shutter (take the photo) which can greatly decrease camera shake.

4. If it has it, use it! Many smartphone cameras have handy features like burst mode. This is great for taking photographs of moving subjects like your children or pet running or jumping. By taking lots of photos quickly you are more likely to get one that is nice and sharp.

Try This: Google how to find the burst mode on your phone and then give it a go next time you are photographing something that is moving around quickly.

5. Use an Editing App There are lots of editing apps, your smartphone may even have it’s own. We love using SnapSeed. Yes, you can over-edit, but you can also dramatically enhance the look and feel of your photo by cleverly using filters and other editing tools.

Try This: Take a photo and have a play with it in SnapSeed (it’s a free app). There are some great YouTube tutorials out there as well if you don’t know where to start.

If you would like to take your photography to the next level please get in touch, we’d love to help you!

All the photographs in this article were taken with a smartphone camera.


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