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is a photo safari for you?

Did you know, photo safaris are NOT only for photographers!

Whilst photographic safaris are aimed at photography enthusiasts, the point of them is to get in the best possible positions to really “see” the animals and subsequently photograph them in the best light. It is not a speedy race around the Mara to tick off the most animals on a list so you can boast you saw this and that when you get home. Time is spent really watching the animals and learning about their intriguing behaviour by being with them for extended periods of time. Whilst safari vehicles roll up and roll on by, we usually stay that bit longer because it’s when you wait, that the magic happens and you really get to “see” the animal in its natural habitat. Our guides know exactly where to pull up, they have grown up around these animals, reading each animals behaviour for years and they can anticipate what the animal will do or where it will go next.

I believe photography is a very personal thing and the best photographs are those that evoke an emotion, ones that remind you of what happened when you took the photo. Rather than just another lion photo what about having photos that remind you of the time you sat and watched a lion and his lioness laze around for hours before they got up and tenderly embraced each other. Or the time you waited and waited to see what the Cheetahs were going to do… Those are real photos, real moments to remember and bring a smile to your face!

A “Photo Safari” might sound a bit scary, and very daunting especially if you are anything like Kate Humble who said;

” my own photographic skills are woeful. I became so disheartened by my miserable attempts that I gave up trying and now don’t even own a camera.”

Article by The Telegraph before Kate’s first photo safari in 2018

Unfortunately, this is not so uncommon, but boy, it is so sad! We are here to make sure you have the best experience of your life, not to make you feel anxious or nervous. The most important thing about a photo safari is that you become immersed in the nature around you. We must never forget that it is such a privilege to be able to watch these magnificent animals in the wild, and that is what really matters about your experience. And we’ll be here to help you take cracking photos that are going to put a smile on your face whenever you look at them on your wall!

If you would like to find out more about our up and coming photographic safaris in Kenya, Tanzania or Zimbabwe please take a look here, contact us on 0114 383 0644 or email us at

We really look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan a journey of your lifetime!


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