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Go Green!

Want to go on safari when it's cheaper and less crowded?

Well, why not go during Africa's green season! From November - April it can be considerably cheaper to travel to Africa and enjoy a relatively private game viewing experience. Flights are cheaper and there can often be fantastic deals on accommodation!

Yes, there may be "rains" but that shouldn't put you off as this will only add to your safari experience! If it rains during the day, these are usually just short bursts which cool things down meaning you are likely to see predators in the day. You can still take fantastic photographs when it is raining and tell the story of this magical season! The longer rains usually come at night time when you'll be fast asleep, so again, no biggy! The rains mean life, so as the vegetation becomes more abundant the animals feel more comfortable and reproduce, meaning it is also an excellent time to spot fawns, pups and cubs!

As this is not the most popular time to travel, the national parks and reserves are much less crowded meaning you will hardly see any other vehicles. In my opinion, this is always a bonus when photographing wildlife as it means we'll have a better chance of getting in prime positions without anyone in the way! And guess what... the animals will still be there, so really it's a win, win!

If you like birds, the green season will be a real treat for you as many migrating birds start to come back, so birdlife is at its peak. Beautiful, vibrant colours of wings and plumage everywhere you look!

Another real bonus for going on a safari during the green season is that for a couple of weeks you will miss the miserable, cold, wet weather back home - if you live in Europe or North America you'll know what I'm talking about! Get a vitamin D top-up to help you through winter!

We run 8 Day Photographic Safaris in Kenya during the green season, check dates here if you'd like to join us.


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