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blood, milk or both?

There are over 120 ethnic and tribal groups found across Kenya, each with their own rich cultures and mixed heritage. Well known for their unique customs and distinctive clothing, the Maasai people inhabit a significant portion of this east African country, and most people will already recognise certain aspects of their culture. Along with its location in the African Great Lakes Region, this makes the Maasai village on our photo safari into the perfect chance to make yourself the envy of Instagram users across the world. You don’t have to take our word for it, though, as we’re going to be exploring some of the elements which make these tours so popular.

the cuisine

Okay, so it’s hard to talk about visiting a Maasai tribe without getting the elephant out of the room, first. One of the defining traits of the cultures native to Kenya is the inclusion of cow’s blood in their regular diet. Mixed with milk, cooked with spices, or just drank raw, this may not be everyone’s idea of a refreshing beverage, but you won’t have to indulge if you don’t want to. Of course, a Maasai tribe will eat plenty of other dishes, with options like porridge being just as important to them.

the landscape

Kenya is home to two of Africa’s great lakes, giving most explorers and avid photographers an excellent reason to pay a visit. The central regions of the country lie in highlands and are filled with wildlife, but Mount Kenya can be found in the Center, and this is another excellent location to take some stunning photographs. The Maasai people live in areas like Maasai Mara, with their recognisable building methods standing out across the open landscape. There are few places around the world offering such diversity in terms of both plants and animals.

the celebration

Music plays a substantial role in the life of a Maasai, with celebrations for all sorts of occasions involving traditional singing and dancing which is unique to this part of the world. Visitors are always encouraged to join in when a tribe member is coming of age, or a young couple has been married, and it is a rare treat which should be embraced, especially if you have your camera with you. Our guests are often invited to take part in Adumu, or “jumping dance”, which tribe members perform on our arrival to their village.

the people

Despite living simple lives which rely heavily on the land around them, the Maasai people care an awful lot about what they look like. Using bright and vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and long flowing fabrics for their clothing, a tremendous amount of work has to go into this side of their lives. Body modifications are also common amongst ethnic groups like this, with piercings and tattoos being some of the most popular. Some tribe members will even have these procedures performed when they are children.

The Maasai people are one of Africa’s most well-known tribes, though very few people have taken the time to visit these noble people. A photo safari is a great way to enjoy the chance to be creative whilst learning about their intriguing culture. There are few places more beautiful than Kenya and the regions which these people call home.

Why not join us for an experience of a lifetime! We will be visiting a Maasai Village on our Epic Photo Safari this July and we’d love for you to join us!

Alternatively please contact us for information on other small group safaris or private and tailor made safaris. Call us on 0114 383 0644 or email us at


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